Multiple users accessing a BlockScore account

This article covers best practices for managing and securing your BlockScore account for multiple users.

Never share your account password. Most businesses will need more than one person to access a BlockScore account. Instead of sharing a password for a single account, the person who created the BlockScore account can invite team members to access the account with their own passwords. See BlockScore account management to invite team members to access your account. The team accounts feature is available to all BlockScore accounts for free. 

We recommend that each business have only one BlockScore account. If you inadvertently created a new BlockScore account instead of accessing your business's existing BlockScore account, contact  BlockScore support and request your new account be deleted. Once the deletion is complete, ask the owner of your BlockScore account to add you as a team member by following the instructions above.
Remove a team member's access as soon as he or she leaves your company or no longer has a business need to access your BlockScore account. Each team member can access data stored in your BlockScore so always be sure that you trust the people you add to your account.

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